Missouri state Rep. Stacey Newman, a Democrat, introduced legislation that would allow men to get vasectomies only if their life depended upon the procedure, which was similar to Georgia state Rep. Yasmin Neal's bill. "In determining whether a vasectomy is necessary, no regard shall be made to the desire of a man to father children, his economic situation, his age, the number of children he is currently responsible for, or any danger to his wife or partner in the event a child is conceived," the tongue-in-cheek Missouri bill reads.

While these bills have no chance of passing, I LOVE that they are being introduced. 

In fact, they are even better because they have no chance of passing- who in their right mind would want to limit men’s health choices? I just can’t wait for the day when people can realize that its the same condescending, overbearing thought process when applied to limiting women’s health choices. 


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